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Ceramic Flowerpot For Home Decoration

Ceramic Flowerpot For Home Decoration

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Product information:
Material: ceramic
Style: simple
Color: white gold - A white gold - B white gold - C white gold - D white gold - E white gold - F white gold - G white gold - H

White gilt-A: 29.5x15cm
White gold painting - style B: 25.5x14
White gold painting - Type C: 18x13.4cm
White gilt-D model: 15.3x10.5cm
White gold - E style: 19.3x10.5cm
White gold painting - style F: 16.5x9.3cm
White gold painting - G style: 20x14.7cm
White gilt-H model: 16.6x11.5cm

Packing list:
Vase X1PCS

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